Ingenious forms Global Alliance
with Six Sigma and Advanced Controls, Inc.


Ingenious Inc. (www.ingeniousinc.com) is a Houston-based company and provides SMART solutions and consulting services to Chemical, Oil & gas and energy industries globally. The company serves over 150 clients globally, including several Fortune 500 companies. One of their focus areas is dynamic process simulators.

Operating processes in the best possible manner to maximize throughput, improve product quality, and minimize energy consumption requires a lot of plant testing during which normal operations are affected. This is expensive and requires additional oversight of operators and experts. Access to high-fidelity simulators reduces the need for plant testing many-fold. The aim of six sigma is precisely what simulators will facilitate; i. e., to take processes and systems to their state of natural variability so that they operate in the best possible manner. This synergy is what attracted Ingenious and SAC to form a global alliance under the auspices of which Ingenious will provide SAC’s Champions, Green Belt, and Online programs globally.

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Ingenious Inc is a fast growing technology company focusing on the Energy and Downstream Oil & gas industry. We offer award winning technologies in training solutions, planning & scheduling, performance management, process consulting and safety management.






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