Dr. Deshpande


Dr. Pradeep B. Deshpande is Professor Emeritus and a former Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville;   Visiting Professor of Management, Gatton College of Business & Economics, University of Kentucky; and President and Chief Executive Officer of Louisville-based Six Sigma and Advanced Controls (SAC). 

Professor Deshpande is an author or coauthor of eight books and over 100 refereed technical papers and presentations. While he was on the faculty at  the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville, he guided twenty doctoral scholars and over forty Master’s  scholars over a  span of thirty three years. He is a fellow of ISA, a recipient of numerous awards for research and teaching and is listed in Who’s  Who in the World.

Dr. Deshpande has taught at the Indian Institutes of Technology in Kanpur and Madras, the University of Bombay, Department of Chemical Technology, and has spent a year while on sabbatical at India’s National Chemical Laboratory in Pune.

Dr. Deshpande has conducted training programs in process control and optimization, six sigma, and internal excellence in several countries and for corporate and academic clients for several decades. He has presented lectures on the Scientific Framework for world transformation in several countries and has introduced it in his Six Sigma class in the MBA program of the University of Kentucky in Athens, Greece which he has been teaching for nine years.

After a scientific scrutiny spanning four decades and founded on ancient Eastern wisdom now collaborated by western scientific experiments Pradeep has developed a scientific framework for world transformation. The framework comprises of two components; External Excellence and Internal Excellence. This site provides additional information and the books listed under the Resources tab provide detailed information. When embraced and diligently pursued, the framework can transform individuals, organizations, and nations and makes this a better more peaceful world.

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