Professor Pradeep B. Deshpande founded SAC in the early nineties to offer six sigma and advanced process control training, software, and consulting services to industries and universities. In the nineties, Professor Deshpande deciphered what made six sigma possible in the fundamental sense based on natural laws and extended the applicability of six sigma to dynamic and nonlinear processes.

He was possibly the first educator in the world to introduce six sigma training in engineering and MBA programs. Pradeep and his team of consultants have completed numerous six sigma assignments for major academic and industrial clients in several countries. Partnering with a B School in Pune in 2005, SAC established the first of its kind Six Sigma Excellence Award for India, Inc.

The six sigma expertise of SAC and Prof. Deshpande is unique, diverse, and internationally recognized and includes several refereed papers in technical journals and business publications and citations in journals, magazines, newspapers, and radio interviews.

The diversity of six sigma applications successfully tackled by SAC too is noteworthy. The applications include drilling for oil and continuous process applications at one end to university HR and administrative processes and the application of six sigma to a system of yogic breathing exercises called Pranayam at the other. Prof. Deshpande guided a group of US medical doctors, engineers, professors, and others in a six sigma investigation to show Pranayam with six sigma could improve health and significantly reduce healthcare costs provided it is pursued diligently.

SAC’s advanced process control expertise, which in many cases is intimately linked to six sigma is also internationally recognized. In 2006 DuPont Corporation filed a patent application on their advanced manufacturing process for copolymers in semi-batch reactors that used SAC’s advanced control & optimization software.

The sophistication of the process allowed for the certification of several DuPont professionals as Six Sigma Green Belts. DuPont had previously successfully tested the SAC’s software on a continuous polymerization reactor system.


Pradeep B. Deshpande

In 2006, SAC released Prof. Deshpande’s text “Process Control and Optimization” and is soon expected to release his new text “Six Sigma for Karma Capitalism”.

He is also an author or co-author of six other text books and over one hundred referred papers & presentations.

While on the faculty of chemical engineering at the University of Louisville till 2004, had supervised twenty doctoral and over forty master’s students.






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